Instrument holders

DIN 16281


According to DlN 16 281, the measuring device holder head is designed as a two-part clamp.

Due to the slotted clamp of these versions, the measuring devices with non-detachably attached supply line can easily inserted and clamped laterally after mounting the holder, e.g.diaphragm seal with capillary or long-distance line

ZMH, Messgerätehalter in Aluminium, pulverbeschichtet und Edelstahl
ZMH, Messgerätehalter in Alu, Aluminium und Edelstahl Length in mm Material Article no.
60 black powder-coated aluminium ZMH 068
100 ZMH 108
160 ZMH 168
60 CrNi-Steel ZMH 063
100 ZMH 103
160 ZMH 163